The Family

From the laughter you’ll hear in the dorm rooms and halls, cyphers in the yard, prayers and studying throughout the conference, The Legacy is more than an event. It has become one big family reunion of like-minded believers from all over the world.

Many who attend The Legacy are encouraged by other brothers and sisters who deal with the demands and challenges of disciple-making and urban ministry.  For others, it’s an event where they’re able to laugh, joke, study and learn with other attendees.

We believe that we are our brother’s keeper and are called to hold each other accountable, motivate, encourage and sharpen one another, and God has graciously allowed The Legacy to promote the importance of these truths in the Christian’s journey.

The Growth

The Legacy conference serves to equip those serious about making disciples with biblically-based tools to go out into the world to preach the gospel of Christ.

The conference has an overarching theme that includes four general sessions and over 20 workshops tracks. Each workshop track will consist of eight hours of in-depth training (broken up into four two-hour workshops) to promote significant growth in your Christian journey.

The Arts

The attendees also receive the message of Christ through the arts, whether it’s worshiping in a large crowd of a widely diverse group of people, listening to the soothing jams of soulful singers, being challenged through spoken word at Storytellers or sweating your shirt out at the front of the rap concert.

The Legacy has continued to attract Christian music talents such as Lecrae, Andy Mineo, KB, Propaganda, Jackie Hill Perry and more.