Thousands of amazing churches preach Christ in cities across the world, and it would be impossible to have a database to bring attention to each of these churches. We desire, though, through The Legacy Church Network to highlight Christ-centered churches that are urban in their context, diverse in their body, intentional in their discipleship and missional in their neighborhoods.

Each church in The Legacy Church Network has the following characteristics:

  • Holds Scripture as the final authority and without error in its original manuscripts.
  • Exalts Christ as the only way of salvation and as the focal point of all of Scripture.
  • Located in an urbanized area with a population of at least 50,000 people.
  • Multi-racial with one race forming no more than 80% of the church membership.
  • Plurality of elders who lead the church toward Christ.
  • Ongoing discipleship amid authentic biblical community.
  • Intentionally seeks to make disciples of Christ in its local context.
If you believe that your church meets these characteristics and desires to be added to The Legacy Church Network, we would love to add more churches to this list. If you are a pastor, please send an email to about being added. If you are not a pastor, please feel free to forward this to one of your pastors for follow-up. Requests will only be received from pastors of the specific church.


Atlanta, GA

Blueprint Church


Cornerstone Church


Camden, NJ

Epiphany Fellowship Church


Chicago, IL

The Brook


Chicago West Bible Church


Legacy Christian Fellowship


Renewal Chicago


East St. Louis, MO

City of Joy Fellowship


Jackson, MS

Redeemer Jackson


Los Angeles, CA

Reach Fellowship


Miami, FL

The Brook Miami


Montgomery, AL

Strong Tower at Washington Park


Newport News, VA

Hampton Roads Fellowship


Raleigh, NC

Vision Church


Seattle, WA

Reunion Seattle


St. Louis, MO

The Gate


Washington, DC

Anacostia River Church


Redeemer City Church