Legacy LA 2018 attendees will be able to attend four workshops during the conference — one on Friday morning, Friday afternoon, Saturday morning and Saturday afternoon. Plan ahead which workshops you desire to participate in the most!

Friday 10:30am-12:15pm


Learning to Fight Sexual Temptation as Spiritual Warfare

Presenter: Bobby Scott

Room: Myers 102

War is hell. Spiritual warfare is worse.

When fought without the right plan and weapons, nothing is ikeore costly. Satan is waging a war of seduction against all of us. The casualties are everywhere. They are in our schools, in the government, in Hollywood, in families and even in the church.

What makes this even more tragic is that this is a war Christians can win, but we aren’t. Christ, our King, has provided everything we need to overcome Satan’s temptations. Come and attend this workshop and learn how.


Prioritizing the Local Church

Presenter: Bryan “Braille” Winchester

Room: Talbot East 008

We hear a lot about making sacrifices in order to pursue our dreams. This workshop is about making sacrifices in order to better serve the local church.

In what ways might your involvement in a local church impact/influence career decisions, where you move or buy a home, how you spend your money or how often you travel? We tend to build the rest of our life and then make the church fit where it’s convenient. Prioritizing the local church means that we are considering how all our decisions impact our ability to serve the church and participate in the corporate life of the body.  

When we survey the “one another” commands in the New Testament, we get a picture of how God calls us to live with His people. In this class, we will hold up God’s priorities, comparing them against our own and those of the world.    


From Ecclesiology to Kinesiology: The Mechanics of Body Movement

Presenter: Chris Bates

Room: Talbot East 114

The ecclesia, and the assembly of the saints, has been studied, discussed and debated for decades, mostly aiding in our understanding of what and/or who the ecclesia (church) is. In light of this, along with the Scripture’s reference to the church as a human body, we will explore a few general principles of Kinesiology and their implications on the church body.

If Christ’s commission to the disciples and His church is to move (go, make, baptize, teach) how then does the body move?


Leading From Beneath

Presenter: Dennae Pierre

Room: Talbot East 107

Servant leadership is language often used to describe godly leaders, yet too often our local church structures, as well as our western understanding of leadership, can pull us away from kingdom-shaped leadership. This can cause us to be drawn to develop some leaders, but overlook many members of our church community who have God-given leadership potential to be unlocked, nurtured and stewarded.

In this workshop, we will discuss what it looks like to intentionally form leaders who are not just in positions of authority and power, but to form men and women to lead from positions of weakness and from the margins. We will consider leadership styles and environments that cultivate servant leaders and ask questions of how we are intentionally allowing those on the margins to form and shape our church cultures.


Rethinking Power. The Misunderstood Idol of Western Culture and its Impact on The Church

Presenter: Wayne Wynter

Room: Talbot East 108

The people of God have always been strategically placed amongst neighboring cultures and called to be a light to the nations, while not adopting the idolatry of the neighboring cultures. Unfortunately, historically we have always ended up adopting the idolatry of the neighboring cultures without realizing the depth.

The biggest culture of our time is western culture. Christianity, being an eastern religion, has gotten so absorbed by the idolatry of western culture that it has shaped western Christians more than the gospel story itself. So much so that it is through this lens we have lived out our mission, damaging and hurting many along the way.

This workshop will explore the idol of “power,” an idol that drives western culture. The western church has become so absorbed into it that it taints most of what we do. It made it easy for the church to turn a blind eye to atrocities of the past and present that are obviously against the gospel and created much of the disfunction and brokenness present today. We’ve been looking at the damage and trying to fix the system, when we should be abandoning the system altogether, and that system is not the church.


Resolving Everyday Conflict, Everyday

Presenters: Steve and Jamie Ross

Room: Myers 109

Close relationships, especially marriages, encounter conflict more than some like to admit. However, while no one looks forward to it, we all experience and have to deal with disagreements and contention.

In this practical workshop, we’ll learn how to apply the biblical responses of conflict resolution in relationships and how the gospel can transform even a marriage full of problems into one of peace and pleasure.


The Concrete Mission

Presenter: Jose Hernandez

Room: Bardwell 107

A mission field is considered a foreign land, a people group that has not been reached by the gospel. However, in this workshop, I would like to address another unreached people group: the inner city.

I would like to address the myths about doing missions in the inner city, the challenges of doing missions in the inner city, and the huge opportunities to reach the inner city despite the many challenges.


How to Find and Use Your Slingshot to Defeat Goliaths

Presenter: Dee-1

Room: Bardwell 112

This is an exciting journey into tapping into your God-given gifts, developing them and using them for their proper purpose. We all have a slingshot that we can use to defeat our Goliaths.


Spiritual Resilience: How to Last in Dark Places

Presenter: Tommy Nixon

Room: Talbot East 007

Working in the Kingdom is hard. From loving difficult people, to dealing with traumatic situations, to fundraising and leadership, we often lead from a place of exhaustion.

This workshop will give you a different theological framework and the practical steps of how to work in the Kingdom and thrive.

Friday 2:15pm-4:00pm


Let’s Talk About Sex(ual immorality): Overcoming in a World That’s Overdone It

Presenter: Troy McComas

Room: Bardwell 112

In this breakout, we’ll be surveying sexuality across America’s urban landscape and what sociologists have dubbed “The Sexual Revolution.”

We’ll talk about what healthy sexuality is according to God’s design and how we, as followers of Jesus, are called to view and steward God’s gift of sexuality in a world where it’s been twisted and distorted.  


Fighting for Joy in the Midst of Suffering

Presenter: Elicia Horton

Room: Myers 102

None of us are exempt from pain and struggles. So why does God allow us to suffer if we are his children? Why do we endure loss? Why do trials seem to last longer than we desire them to?

Sometimes we forget that, in order to be more like Jesus, we must learn to suffer like he did. In whatever way suffering comes, we should embrace it and learn to suffer well in order to highlight the power of God to a dying and lost world.


Fostering and Adopting as Missional Motherhood

Presenter: Erika Jones

Room: Myers 109

There is an orphan epidemic in America, particularly around the urban centers of our country that disproportionately impacts minority communities.

For example, Los Angeles County has some 20,000 orphans. In our country, every year, we have a half-million in the foster care system. These children desperately need homes.

In this talk, Erika Jones (a certified foster/adoptive caretaker) will offer a survey of the orphaned, a biblical-theology of fostering/adoption and a practical vision of how the unique calling of motherhood serves the good of the gospel in the city.


Commitment: Covenant Over Comfort

Presenter: Eugene Park

Room: Talbot East 114

As millennials, nothing freaks us out more than commitment.

Why do we fear commitment so much these days? How can commitment be good for us? What does the Bible say? And what are the most important commitments we can make in college?


The Theology of Blessing

Presenter: Fred Sanders

Room: Talbot East 108

We hear some people talk about getting blessings and being blessed, and many times what they mean is obviously just about getting material benefits.

It’s enough to make you want to stop using the words. But the Bible has a whole theology of blessing, and learning what a biblical blessing is can keep us from twisting Scripture.


Meet Generation Zen: Understanding and Reaching the New Post-Christian World

Presenter: Haron Kaisa

Room: Talbot East 107

A new group has risen: Generation Zen, or individuals born between the mid-1990s and early 2000s.

Generation Z diverges from millennials in many ways and presents unique challenges and opportunities for churches who hope to capture their attention. Where do we start and what do we do? Join us as we get introduced to Generation Z.


Gospel + Disciple

Presenter: Jeremy Treat

Room: Talbot East 007

There are at least two things that are absolutely crucial to ministry: 1) The centrality of the gospel, 2) the call to make disciples.

How do these two go together? Often times churches resort to one or the other. To ask the question in more practical terms, how can a church be a gospel-centered, disciple-making church?

This workshop will first engage the question of how the gospel relates to the call to discipleship and then explore ways that it can play out practically in ministry.


Depending on God in Ministry

Presenter: Kris Brossett

Room: Talbot East 008

Ministry is difficult and rewarding. It is an honor to serve God and be used by him. However, being used by God means that you engage immense darkness to accomplish an impossible mission.

The work of a gospel minister is impossible apart from the power and involvement of God. Our culture elevates talent, influence and achievement. If you try and accomplish the mission by the standards of our culture, you will burnout, hurt others or shortcut the hard work that God is calling you to.

In this workshop, we’ll discuss what it means to truly depend on God over the course of ministry.


When the Rubber Meets the Road in Diverse Urban Settings

Presenter: Tommy Forester

Room: Bardwell 107

In many urban contexts today, there are complex dynamics of diversity that often alienate communities from one another.

This time will zoom into how God uses diverse and complex urban settings to chisel us to be more like Christ along the road of comprehensive discipleship. Without paying attention to the tensions and differences, we may miss out on an opportunity to grow in comprehensive discipleship and exhibit the glory of Christ in and through the church.


Effective Preaching

Presenter: Chris Marquez

Room: Myers 108

This session will focus on learning to communicate effectively through exciting, text-driven preaching. We will explore how to deliver a clear, effective, expository sermons without putting the congregation to sleep.

This preaching workshop will aid you in clearly communicating the message of Scripture to your congregation while keeping them engaged at every turn. Preaching that is focused on the text and the listener is both empowering and essential.

Saturday 10:30am-12:15pm


White-Flight, Urban Structures and Ecclesial Culpability

Presenter: Matthew Jones

Room: Myers 102

In the 1950s after the war, developers used cheap land to build a suburbia for privileged, white, city dwellers in major urban areas, leading to a large scale exodus of racially diverse neighborhoods, which created homogenous white suburbianism.

Researchers have studied the detrimental social effects of this “white-flight” on cities, but little work has been done on the ecclesial effects and connections of this racialized migration.

In this lecture, Dr. Jones (a pastor and urban researcher) will unpack the history, urban restructuring and culpability of postwar white evangelicals, offering a socio-theological analysis of white-flight and a vision for forward missional life in the evangelical church.


Creative Writing as a Spiritual Discipline

Presenter: Micah Bournes

Room: Bardwell 112

During this workshop, Micah will address why writing is good for all of us, even those who don’t consider themselves writers, and how to approach it in a way that enhances your spiritual life.


What Genesis Means

Presenter: Miguel Martinez

Room: Bardwell 107

Discover the brilliant meaning of Genesis and its prophetic, timeless story. We will dive deep into God’s Word to uncover the surprising truth behind the myths and cliches.


Missions: Across the Street and Around the World

Presenter: Mike Pettengill

Room: Talbot East 007

In Acts 1:8, Christ tells us the mission of the Christian church is to reach the lost in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and around the world. God has called each of us to reach the lost. Where has he called you go and make disciples?

Some of us have been called to go, others have been called to send, but we have all been commanded to play a part.


Marriage In Light of Eternity: It’s Not What You Think (Women Only)

Presenter: Morgan Davis

Room: Talbot East 008

Each season in a woman’s life is a gift from God, and each role He predestined for us must be lived in view of His mission.

Together through Scripture, we’ll explore what it to means to remain wholly devoted to God first in marriage; what it means to be our husband’s keeper as his sister in Christ; what it looks like to use our individual gifts in the work of the Great Commission while married; and learn from the perspective of widows how to embrace life after marriage should our husband’s precede us in death.

Marriage is temporal for us, and with it are implications that ripple far into eternity. Let’s spend some time being spurred on to live as women toward that end!


Leaving a Legacy of Laziness

Presenter: Paul Taylor

Room: Talbot East 114

Laziness interferes with our ability to build a strong family, have a strong faith, be a strong man, live a strong witness and become a strong leader.

The Apostle Paul gave an intense, passionate farewell letter in 2 Peter to believers with a final challenge to not be lazy. His challenge is that Christians must work (not for salvation) but to walk in holiness, produce fruit and glorify God.

Too many Christian men are influenced by a consumer mentality and become spiritual sluggards. God’s call on our hearts is to put off laziness, be strong and do the “hard” work.


Sustaining a Strong Marriage and Family

Presenters: Pete and Julie Contreras

Room: Talbot East 108

The urban culture is filled with many demands, expectations and unexpected challenges. How does a marriage and family survive in this culture?

We will look at how to nurture a healthy marriage and relationship with your children while discipling them to love and serve Jesus.


From Trauma To Transformed

Presenters: Peter Watts and Cedric Nelms

Room: Myers 109

Urban youth experience trauma daily. The violence and injustice and systemic inequalities that plague urban poor communities have been documented for decades now. The school-to-prison pipeline has subjugated many of our urban you and cut off their futures.

When youth aren’t able to deal with the trauma they experience, it leads to counterproductive behaviors in urban settings. This workshop will teach disciple-makers how to turn everyday trauma into transforming young people’s lives through healthy relationships and coping skills. Using the arts to express that pain can be a vital part of the development we see in this next generation.


Evangelism 101: Proclaiming the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus

Presenters: Derek Clark and Levi Gorin

Room: Talbot East 107

Disciples of Jesus have had our whole lives radically changed by repenting and believing the gospel of Jesus (see Mark 1:15). We enjoy peace with God, even amidst an increasingly hostile-to-God world (Romans 5:1-5).

Yet most disciples of Jesus very rarely share the Good News with anyone, even their closest family and friends. In this workshop, we will study the biblical basis for what evangelism is, what ought to be our motivation and the components of the Gospel.

We will also explore our hindrances to sharing the gospel and workshop some strategies for evangelizing, including starting conversations and leading a person who appears ready to make a commitment to become a follower of Jesus.   

Saturday 2:15pm-4:00pm


From Creation to New Creation: Know the Story of the Whole Bible

Presenter: PJ Tibayan

Room: Talbot East 114

Sometimes we’re confused by the Old Testament and how certain passages relate to our lives today. The Bible can feel irrelevant or disconnected, even though we might not want to say that out loud.

We will learn a simple three-stage structure of the Bible’s story so that you can see how every passage in the Bible relates to Jesus and to our lives today. This will fire up your Bible reading, especially when you read the Old Testament. Whether you’ve been a Christian for one day or 60 years, everyone should know and be able to summarize the basic story of the Bible better than they can summarize their favorite movie or story.


The Worship That Changes Your Everyday Life and Ministry

Presenter: Reggie Seutia

Room: Talbot East 107

What comes to your mind when we hear the word “worship?”

Most people think of music or the singing portion of a service. We worship through music, but worship is much more than music. In fact, worship is at the very center of discipleship.

Together we will recalibrate and renew our hearts and minds to discover what will impact us the most for God’s glory: worship.   


Practical Discipleship in an Urban Context

Presenter: Rudy Rubio

Room: Talbot East 007

How can we practically put discipleship into practice in everyday life? What common tasks or habits can we incorporate in everyday life that we might use them to make disciples? How can we help raise normal people up and challenge them to make disciples in the places God already has us, whether it’s church, work, school or on the field playing sports.

We’ll share various methods and practices used that have been successful, and ask what some blind spots are to be aware of.


The Gospel and Mental Health: An Urgent Call to the Church

Presenter: Scott Mehl

Room: Talbot East 008

The mental health crisis in the U.S. is one of the most well-documented issues facing our culture. Depression, anxiety, addictions and countless other disorders are at epidemic levels.  But what role does the Word of God and the gospel play in addressing these issues?  

The gospel is the foundation of transformation for our souls. As such, Scripture teaches us that joy, peace, self-control and the like are fruit of the Spirit of God dwelling in his children. This workshop will explore specifically how the gospel applies in the midst of this crisis and explore the concept of mental health from the perspective of a biblical worldview.


Doing Gospel Ministry In A Post-Modern Secular Age

Presenter: Thomas Terry

Room: Bardwell 112

How can we bring the gospel to bear on the hearts and minds of an increasingly hostile and secular culture? How deep should Christians dive into secular spaces for the sake of evangelism? How can we reach a post-Christian society and establish a case for the truth of Christianity?

This class will answer these important questions. We will also survey current and cultural trends permeating our culture and help us better understand how to engage this secular age with the beautiful message of the ancient Gospel.


The Prophetic Church

Presenter: Vermon Pierre

Room: Talbot East 108

In this workshop, we’ll consider ways in which the church can and should “lean in” to prophetically engage and, yes, perhaps even reshape our society along the lines of the gospel.

We’ll review some of the ways this has been done historically and also propose different biblical models for how the church might be a prophetic witness within the culture today in issues like abortion, sexuality, racial inequality and the justice system.


Gospel-Minded Communication in a Culturally Challenged Era

Presenter: Chris Davis

Room: Bardwell 107

As it stands in our current day, there is a whole lot of talking and sharing one’s views with very few actually listening to understand the other. And sadly, the American Church is caught up in this madness, vying for what appears as opposing points of view, with the majority unmindful of how we communicate to each other and those outside the faith will either impede or influence gospel effectiveness.

Is it possible to be gospel-minded with others when communicating differing and even disagreeing viewpoints? Yes, it is, and Scripture gives us wisdom on how to do so. Knowing and applying this biblical wisdom on communication results in the effect of the gospel not being quenched, which is to be the primary aim of the Church over and above contending for our views.


Pro-life vs. Pro-choice?

Presenter: Talitha Phillips

Room: Myers 109

Let’s leave behind the polarizing debate and embrace a new approach! How can we best care for the rights and needs of women and children? What about men and extended family members? Do they have a voice in this conversation?  

This interactive seminar will present and explore messaging, as well as a service model that is family-centric, offers true choice and cares for physical, emotional and spiritual needs.


Racial Identity Formation and Leading with Compassion

Presenters: Aizaiah Yong and Jonathan Dumas

Room: Myers 102

We live in a day and age where individual people and communities are not given tools or frameworks to adequately understand the category of race and the deadly workings of racism. This is especially true in most churches.

Thus, when issues of our racialized experiences are brought up, it is painful and brings up many difficult emotions. This workshop will equip participants with tools and skills to think theologically about our racial identities and how they impact our faith. It will also give them best practices in leading others in racial consciousness with compassion, grace and truth.