Legacy Houston 2018 attendees will be able to attend two workshops during the conference — one on Saturday morning and Saturday afternoon. Plan ahead which workshops you desire to participate in the most!


What Do You Do in Making Disciples?

Presenter: Dan Baugh

One of the most asked questions in the teaching of disciple-making is, “What do you actually do in making disciples?”

In this lesson, we will answer that question by seeing what the Apostle Paul reminds the Philippian church to do from his own relationship with them.


Pursue to Be

Presenter: Roy “Soup” Campbell

In Luke 6:40, our Lord says, “A disciple is not above his teacher, but everyone when he is fully trained will be like his teacher.”

A question often asked by potential disciples is “How can I find someone to disciple me?” This session will address this crucial issue in the disciple-making process.


Sankofa: Engaging African Americans in the Gospel in Africa

Presenter: Lloyd Chinn

This session is designed to challenge participants’ understanding of and participation in the Great Commission by broadening their perspective on the mission of God in Africa.

We will contrast God’s desire for sincere worshipers from every nation with the ubiquity of unreached people groups throughout Africa. We will also explore existing disciple-making movements throughout Africa within the context of current global trends.


What Exactly Is Worship?

Presenter: Aric Diaz

This workshop will be working through how a Christian lives out 1 Corinthians 10:31 and wrestles against the heart’s enemies, such as dualism, compartmentalism, and apathy.

We will deal with what it looks like to worship God in all things and how to put this into practice in everyday life, music, and art. We plan to discuss and even participate in worshipping God in non-traditional ways, whether that be through drinking a glass of water or enjoying music.


Hospitality: A Joy or a Chore?

Presenter: Heidi Dye

Contrary to popular belief, hospitality is not a spiritual gift reserved for a small portion of the population of Christians today. As we will see in Scripture, it is a mandate for all believers.

To some this may seem overwhelming. However, in this class we will talk about practical ways to make people feel welcome in your home that do not cost a lot of money and will relieve some of the stress and myths about having a “perfect” home.


Single, I Guess…

Presenter: Meladee Evans

Singleness isn’t always easy, but it’s certainly significant. As a single women, I’ve endured my share of heartache and unmet desires, but I’ve also experienced so much more joy in life and intimacy with God than I ever thought possible.

In this class, we’ll explore the meaningfulness of our singleness and the beautiful, bumpy journey of learning to truly enjoy God and a full life in this season.


Using Modern Media to Glorify God

Presenter: Wande Isola

An exploration through the world of media and seeing how one can maximize technology to expose the world to faith, we will explore various modern media platforms as well as modern marketing strategies. We will also explore people in the Bible who used their creative gifts to glorify the Lord and see what parallels can be applicable to today’s world.


Disaster Relief

Presenter: Jaron Jones

This workshop will layout the role of the church in disaster recovery, recovery as a gospel opportunity, the transition from recovery to spiritual and community restoration.


A Case for Incarnational Ministry (not Gentrification)

Presenter: Billy Rose

It’s not uncommon for people to move to an inner-city neighborhood for the sake of “incarnational ministry,” but is this actually helpful to neighborhoods? Is this the way of Jesus? And does this catalyze gentrification and displace the very people we are trying to serve?

This workshop will explore these questions by looking at how Jesus made disciples and give a way forward to navigate the complexity of ministry in the ever-changing landscape of cities.


Measuring Ministry Success

Presenter: Lawrence Scott

What is success in ministry?

We often look at the mega-church or the ministry of others to determine how “successful” we are.  This often creates competition instead collaboration. This session discusses how to value who God has created you to be and practical ways to avoid competing.


Trading Bored-Again Christianity for Single Years Well Spent

Presenter: Grant Skeldon

If being single is such a gift, why doesn’t it feel like it? It’s natural to desire a relationship when you’re single, but as Christians, what can we do to make the best use of our single years?

This breakout will focus on what to strive for when you’re single, what to look for when you’re single, and what to die for when you’re single.


Lessons From A Hopeless Romantic

Presenter: S.O.

What does it look like to be married and then move your bride from everything she knows a week after you are wed?

When two become one, this often happens. The journey full of newness could either be amazing or a tremendous disaster. Come and see which one it is as I share some lessons on singleness, courtship and marriage.


Introduction to Biblical Exegesis

Presenter: Joseph Solomon

Studying the Bible is not just for academic scholars. With some helpful tools and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we can understand more deeply the purpose and narrative of Scriptures by ourselves and among other common believers.

This workshop will cover some basic and maybe intermediate approaches to understand to the heart of God’s Word and applying it to our everyday lives.


Discipleship and Mentoring

Presenter: Dana Thomas

What’s the difference between discipling and mentoring? Is it possible to disciple without mentoring or mentor without discipling?

In this workshop, we will explore the relationship between the two and the roles they play in the development of another person.


Sports and Discerning Discipleship

Presenter: Kevin Washington

Sports are common, popular, and sought-after for many reasons. Are we aware of the discipleship influence that they exude? How have sports discipled us, and how do they continue to? How can sports be used for God’s glory in evangelism and discipleship?

The old saying is right: sports build character, but the question is, what type of character?


The Transformed Urban Disciple

Presenter: Blake Wilson

You were designed to reflect and represent Jesus Christ in every area of your life. Come learn how to experience the transformative power of the Holy Spirit to make you into a “God look a like” and “God live a like” in eight critical areas of your life.

You will never be the same, and everyone around you will notice the change as you both reflect and represent Jesus Christ as His disciple.