From the adjacent cities of Lynwood, Compton, and Paramount, to the neighborhoods of Riverside, Christopher Bates and his family have diligently served the people that God has placed in their path. C. Bates is a Certified Athletic Trainer and a Registered Strength & Conditioning Specialist who holds a Bachelors and Masters of Science degree in Kinesiology and has a comprehensive competency of body movements, its movement structures, and the processes and mechanisms by which it moves. As no stranger to some of the highest-performing bodies at the Olympic level, to the amateur and inexperienced bodies of college and youth athletes, C Bates enjoys exploring and exploiting the analogous realities of the church and the human body. He is compelled to advocate passionately, uniquely, and strategically for Christ’s Body to some-body’s, no-bodies, any-bodies, and every-body’s who will follow. Join the movement.

Chris is married to Chantel, and they have been married and on mission together for 10 years, including their three children Chris (nine), Clarity (six), and Corban (two).